Cold Comfort.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Now that Christmas has passed, we are officially entering the “only gets colder” time of year. I must say that it's not my favorite. The weeks leading up to Christmas, it can get as cold as it wants, because Christmas is coming, so it doesn't matter. Now we have nothing to look forward to except Spring showers and flowers.... which won't be coming for months! It seems that winter lasts forever.

Below are some of my staples for bearing the cold this season….

Starbucks Carmel Machiato's.
Chicken Noodle Soup with extra noodles.
Red wine, particularly Shiraz.
Movies that warm your heart... i.e. The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, Juno, P.S. I Love You, Because I Said So, The Holiday...
A huge, comfy, cozy down blanket.
Saturday night drinking games with close friends (in their warm apartment!) i.e. Andrew & Stacey. =)
Lots of lots of books... i.e. The Winter of our Discontent (my personal winter favorite)
Automatic Start Vehicles.
Really cute scarves.
Hot Cocoa with teeny marshmellows.
Crockpot recipes.
Really strong heat vents.
Football Sundays.
And my personal favorite... watch my puppy play in the snow for the first time....
How cute is he?? =)

Currently listening to :: Slow Show by The National.