50 of my favorites.

Monday, January 14, 2008

1. Favorite Number: 9. Brian's football #
2. Favorite Color: Orange. Purple.
3. Favorite Day: Saturday.
4. Month: September.
5. Song: Non-Believer by La Rocca.
6. Food: Italian - pasta. bruschetta. breads.
7. Sport: Football.
8. Drink: Coke.
9. Candy: Starburst.
10. Ice Cream: Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone.
11. Season: Fall.
12. Band: Death Cab for Cutie. The National. Sufjan Stevens. La Rocca.
13. Movie: Breakfast at Tiffanys. Knocked Up. Old School. Dirty Dancing.
14. Website: TheNest.com
15. Animal: English Bulldogs.
16. Item of Clothing: Hoodies.
17. Word: Amazing.
18. Place: Fort Myers Beach.
19. Holiday: Christmas.
20. Vehicle: Lexus SUV. Jeep Commander.
21. Smell: Bread baking. Babies skin.
22. Shoes: Uggs. Jessica Simpson pumps.
23. Quote: "Always be ready to have the time of your life."
24. Gum: Stride Spearmint.
25. Nail polish color: Linkin Park After Dark. Any pale pinks.
26. School subject: English.
27. Gift: TV on DVD.
28. Midnight snack: Ice Cream. Popcorn.
29. Year (of your life): 2007- graduated college. bought our first house. got married. got Guinness.
30. Candy bar: Milky Ways.
31. Food to cook: Spaghetti. Baked Mac & Cheese.
32. Soda: Coke.
33. Hobby: Photography. Reading. Shopping.
34. Flower: Orchids. Sunflowers. Daisies.
35. Tree: Palm.
36. Fruit: Kiwi. Grapes.
37. Vegetable: Celery.
38. CD that you own: One of my Death Cab or National albums... I could never choose. It would have to be a mix combing songs from both.
39. Actor: Adam Brody. Jack Nicholson. James Lafferty.
40. Actress: Katherine Heigl. Bethany Joy Galleoti.
41. TV Show: One Tree Hill.
42. Vacation: Our honeymoon to the Riviera Maya.
43. Letter: B.
44. Body part: Eyes.
45. Memory: Our wedding day.
46. Job: I guess the one that I'm at now, since it's really the only job I've had. I would love to be a teacher though.
47. Name: Boy- Theisen Phillip. Girl- Haley Joy.
48. Splurge: Shoes & Bags.
49. Game: Scategories.
50. Spice: Cinnamon.

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