getting there.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

how crazy that we are approaching august. i still haven't wrapped my mind around the fact that we are almost halfway through the pregnancy and on the downhill slope of the year. i've been meaning to re-approach my resolutions and see how the year is going, so here goes. it's been a crazy one so far.

be brave. [success. very much so. but i will continue to focus on this! birthing process, anyone?]
get pregnant. [SUCCESS!!! BABY BUB!]
say 'no' to people. [pretty proud of myself in this department.]
▲ more yoga. [still need to work on this one; thanks caitlin love for borrowing me the prenatal yoga dvd.]
▲ more reading. [do baby books count? i need to work on this yet.]
▲ more smoothies. [reeeaaallllly good at this pre-pregnancy, but 1st tri turned me off of them. need to start again.]
purchase a juicer [see previous resolution]. [nutri-bullet to the rescue! best ever.]
finally paint my living room. [mint green!]
▲ pray more. [absolutely going strong, but not crossing off just yet.]
▲ use my running shoes. [a big fat no & will probably stay this way until 2014.]
▲ journal more. [still journaling, but the 'more' part gets me. need to work on.]
▲ make my first ever layer cake. [hmmm... maybe a good august project?]
trust in God more. [very successful, my precious G & baby bub make this easy this year.]
▲ practice anxiety relief techniques. [has been horrendous & need to seriously work on.]
update our bathroom with our gifts from santa. [new paint, sink, faucet, and fixtures!]
▲ do something with brian that we haven't together before [i'm thinking skiing]. [does having a baby count?]
▲ crochet something [anything] [second time this has been on my list]. [ashley is going to teach me next week!!]
▲ volunteer more. [sad to say that this hasn't happened yet. thinking of something special to me to focus on.]
▲ go to the ballet. [what to see? what to see?]
do my hair like this. [all the time lately.]
▲ plant/grow ranunculus. [will plant this fall.]
▲ go apple picking. [another fall to-do.]
▲ go somewhere i haven't been before. [several places already, but i'd like to pick something more specific.]
▲ make at least twenty things from my what katie ate cookbook. [failing miserably. can i blame nausea again?]
▲ have a sister day. [next weekend girls?]
write 'little things' posts regularly [to remain focused on the positive]. [one of my favorite things.]

overall i am pretty pleased. still much to focus on, but a lot of fun things too.