Wednesday, July 31, 2013

i have spent the past two weeks at home. as in, not at work. as in, free to do whatever i wanted day in and day out. amazing does not even begin to describe it. quality time with my guinness. quality time with baby bub. a lot of rest. and a lot of organizing. organizing my life! 

i finally had time to get my hair cut and paint my nails. i cleared out almost everything in the soon-to-be nursery. i sorted through files and bills. i signed up for birthing and breastfeeding classes. i folded piles of laundry and finished our baby registries. i watched endless seasons of tv on dvd and found many new blogs that i devoured. i opened all the windows in the house and thoroughly enjoyed the crisp, cool air the midwest has been blessed with. i ate lunches at 10:30am and didn't even open my calendar. i would like to say that i stayed up late and sleept in, but the truth is i was still in bed by 9pm almost every night and up in the wee hours of morning. i was able to manage a couple of late nights with the help of my sisters and girlfriends, at least.

i am super sad that my time off is coming to an end, and even more sad that i didn't get quite everything on my to-do list taken care of. but the relaxation that filled that time was so much needed, so i just keep reminding myself of that. can't life always be like this?? oh, the joy.

i still have a couple of days off to enjoy and i am planning on doing just that as much as possible.



Mohammed and Aimee said...

What were the blogs you discovered? Please share!

Joi said...

Sounds divine, C! I am still just so happy for you and your pregnant self!!