Thursday, July 11, 2013

we got away for a little mini-vacation over the long fourth of july weekend to visit family in minnesota and it was f a n t a s t i c. sleeping in, pool lounging, reading, shopping, eating, swimming, board games, sparklers, barbeques, lots of sweet treats and more pool lounging. it was a wonderful little getaway and i'm already wishing i could go back.

the highlight of the trip for us was visiting the sweetest little baby shop and getting to "meet" our future stroller for the first time. all of my research proved very faithful because we loved it even more even person. wheeling it around the store was like a dream.

 ^^^favorite store shopping & cupcake wars champion yums^^

 ^^outdoor dining with a pretty view and delicious pizza at 50th & france^^^

^^^g the human dog and fun fun fun baby purchases!^^
(not pictured, our giant ikea lot)

i am trying to get better about using my camera camera again, so here a few lonely shots that i managed to lug it out for.

 ^^loved all the signage in a quirky, quaint little town on the drive^^^

^^kenzie the pup!^ 

^^where you going K?^ 

 ^^pool time^^^

 ^^the "juicy lucy" at matt's bar... sooooooo good^

 ^^lots of games and sparklers^^^

^^brian spelling "baby"^^^

there's something so dreamy about the fourth of july. xxxoooochelsea


Lisa said...

Oooh do tell which stroller you picked! I loved researching ours.