my favorite things.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

(so far).

01. the precious baby book that we chose. i can't wait to start filling it out.
02. brian rubbing coconut oil on my belly.
03. watching all of the movie credits for names we like.
04. my pants no longer button (this excites me).
05. playing music for baby to hear.
06. tiny, cute baby things.
07. every moment with this bean growing inside of me (i am never alone).
08. hearing baby's heartbeat all the time.
09. brian's weekly photos of my bump progress.
10. the advice & loaner books & hand-me-downs from family & friends.
11. feeling little, flickering kicks inside reminding me that baby is saying hello!
12. receiving the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts for baby bub from our loved ones.
13. maternity. yoga. pants.
14. my snoogle. i will never stop talking about it.
15. so many otter pops.