Saturday, July 27, 2013

1. jenny lind crib (target) 2. paint color inspiration 3. eames rocker (amazon) 4. belly basket (serena and lily) 5. fluffy, fluffy rugs & pillows like faux sheepskin (ikea) 6. 6. elephant hamper, because why not? (home depot) 7. all the bedding from (iviebedding) 8. diy projects made with love 9. vintage goodies like my beatrix potter collection and rocking chair from childhood; favorite thrifted fan 10. gold star cloud mobile (babyjives) 11. all the cute baby clothes; baby onesie (hello apparel) 12. sweet, art prints like william rides his bicycle (creature comforts) and for like ever (super rural) 13. cutesy animals galore like wolly the sheep (blabla kids) and cardboard elephant heads (uncommon goods)

we're starting to gather ideas for baby's nursery it is so exciting. at first glance, it is all so overwhelming. there are so many options.. so many baby things.. so many, everything. i thought that there would be many, many different ideas and routes we would want to go and have a hard time settling on anything. but once we started looking at things (like really taking ideas seriously) i was surprised at how easy it was for us! we both love the delicate, soft feel of a nursery with whimsical, vintage touches. a pretty eclectic mix (no shocker there) of classic, retro pieces mixed with some modern touches. while the actual room that will be our bub's nursery is still currently our office/spare (think 'catch-all' room for 6+ years) we pretty much know exactly what we will be doing in the nursery and have almost all the major pieces for it already. now that we are nearing the halfway point in the pregnancy (and i have my energy back!) we are starting to clear the room out and get ready for baby to take it over! not to mention that i really need somewhere to put all of the baby's clothes that are piling up.

putting together our ideas via photo boards has been really helpful, and this is just a little peek of what we're going for. mostly very light mints and white, with some touches of grey, yellow & blue. it makes me even more thrilled to keep baby's gender a surprise because our nursery ideas are  very neutral and exactly what we would have wanted either way. such a great feeling to see things starting to come together, and I'm so glad that we have so many personal and unique touches to add to the nursery. the littlest things like the jenny lind crib, the same style crib that i had as a child and my sisters grew up with. my beatrix potter collection of books & tea sets that are so special to me from my childhood. we found the sweetest vintage dresser at an estate sale last weekend that we will be refinishing for baby's changing table (it is so cute! think vintage keyholes on every drawer). i can't wait to see everything come together and put together a sweet, little home for our wee one.

now, when it comes to actual baby gear, it is slightly more daunting. there are so many things. itzbeens and bouncers and swaddles and wet bags. so for all you experienced mommies & mommies-to-be out there, what are your must haves? what could you live without? what am i probably not thinking of? as much as i would like to keep things simple, i want to make sure that i'm prepared and don't have to drag baby out into the midwest winter when i learn we've forgot something or better yet send brian out for nipple shields.



Joi said...

Your nursery will be magical, I am positive!