spring forward.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I've had a rotten-nogood-wanttopunchintheface-horrible-terrible-sogladit'salmostover-Monday. And so I'm going to write about something that will make me happy. S P R I N G.

I'm taking a cue from Jasmine (who is taking a cue from Camilla) and making a Spring to-do list. I really, really need it. Spring has already awakened me from what I feel was a winter-long hibernation.  I suddenly feel awaken and alive and ready for the world... even if it is raining outside.

01. go for morning walks with my mother (already started on this; take that sunrise).
02. plant more flowers all around our house.
03. explore the city with my husband.

04. grill out new recipes at least once a week.
05. spring clean the house.

06. eliminate as much plastic from our lives as possible.
07. have more saturday mornings like this one past.

08. wear a ton of sandals.
09. and flats.

10. get as many pedicures as the budget will allow.
11. go to as many concerts as the budget will allow (DCFC ordered).
12. go camping. a lot.

13. listen to my records on the back deck.
14. re-do our front porch!
15. wear my new pink rainboots.

16. take early morning light excursions with my camera.
17. eat a ton of vegetables.
18. always have a vase of fresh flowers.

Going through all of my photos from last Spring for this post, r e a l l y has me amped up now.

Hello world.