Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yes. I've blogged about Glee before. Many times before. But I wouldn't be a true Gleek if I didn't write about this week's episode. I can't even explain it... it just was..... yeah.  Well I've been singing this song ever since.

In all honesty I never even really liked Santana until this episode. And now... I kind of love her. And Gwyneth.... I adore you. And Britney I've always loved you.  That is all.

On Tuesday, in lieu of One Tree Hill while it's on hiatus, we watched the movie Ten Inch Hero with a slew of OTH cast and THREE songs by Bethany Joy. The flick was really, very good and I really love it. Add it to your queue.

Oh yea and Cedar Rapids. I forgot that I left that out from my weekend post. Double date, dinner and a movie. FUNNY. John C. Reilly is my hero.

Yea, I've been watching some good stuff lately. I just need more time in the day so I can get caught up on everything. Enjoy!