I guess I'm getting pretty good about this wednesday weekend posting....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And since I don't really feel like talking about any of the not-so-great stuff going on, we're going to talk about some recent, nothing-but-great stuff:

+ like this little buddy that greets me at home every night, complete with bully butt wiggles and cuddles.

+ girl scouts thin mint cookies (and downing entire sleeves).

+ Bethany Joy posting my photo on her blog page. words can't express the emotions that went through me when I saw it.... they still can't.

+ learning how to play the guitar (barely) with lessons from Melds.

+ this movie trailer.

+ painting my nails in my favorite color.

+ my new phone cover that I like to stare at (don't mind the dirty mirror).

+ it's my birthday week and I have great friends that like to remind me of that.

+ new bathroom mirrors.

+ watching love & other drugs (oh how I love this story).

+ my mother, who immediately starts ironing when she steps foot in my house, because she sees the iron out (thanks for the wrinkle-free duvet mom).

+ inordinate amounts of vodka that I don't need to tell you about really (but moscow mules are yummy; thanks stace).

+ and dancing. the dancing goes along with that previous one.

+ that after five long months, I finally have my fully-functional camera back.

Please excuse the rest of this list because we are off gallivanting and getting reacquainted with each other.




caitlin rae said...

GO YOU AND STACEY! Dave is starting to reteach me some stuff. I taught my self the first little riff to redemption song by bob marley if you want. Also, Free Fallin' is only 3 chords, crazy easy...i can see it already you song bird :)
And since I haven't said it yet. Happy birthday week love muffin :)