Friday, April 22, 2011

So. My first post in a long time and I'm in a lousy mood.  I'm sorry. I keep waiting for the mood to pass, alas here I am. Not sure why. Just stressed and sad. Stressed and sad. Stressed and sad. I shouldn't be. I know that. My heart knows that. I won't bore with the list of wonderful things in my life and yet I still can't snap out of it. I've been doing wonderful happy things to fill up my days though. There is no doubt about that. Well, and work. There is that.

Some recent developments:

. I am obsessed with the show Prison Break. Brian and I started watching it on Netflix Instant and were instantly hooked. It's all I can think about lately.  HE......

... is my boyfriend. Though I do allow him to love Sarah. That is cool. Ahh. OBSESSED. I am obsessed.

. National Record Store Day was a huge success. My loot:

. My sister stared as Veruca Salt in a school production of Willy Wonka. She was fantastic (this is me hoping that she will one day make it big and I can retire).

. eating ice cream.

. a lot of ice cream.

. cuddling with him.

. tending to my ranunculus.

. wearing my pink toms.

. eating good food with good friends.

. enjoying our daffodils.

. walking with ducks.

. spending lots of time at work.

Last night I stayed up til 4 am watching Prison Break. It was fantastic. And I don't have to work today. And I'm laying in bed blogging.... about to go watch Prison Break. This may be the best weekend of all time.