another fabulous two day break.

Monday, March 21, 2011

early morning coffee stands.
pink birdhouses; one for me and one for you.

st. patrick's day green.
out for drinks with friends.

pretty vintage chairs.
pretty, lovey puppies.

favorite coffee shops.
big and beautiful moonlight.

perfect coffee names.
a mr. that can't decide who he wants to snuggle with.

character readings.
and the most lovely perfume of all.

pretty vintage blouses (& taking them home with me).
and beautiful new reading nooks (!!!).
with more vintage chairs.
le sigh.

cinnamon cakes.
late night movies.
cherry blossoms with whipped cream (thanks stacey).
sleeping until noon.
rainy sundays.
my favorite pink drinking glass.
my itrip.
all my new birthday vinyl.
girl scout cookie locater app on my phone.
my favorite sweat pants.
helping strangers with broken down cars.
sam's club.
spending the day with my family.

oh, monday. you come too damn quick.



Joi said...

Tell me about it! I wish Monday would stay away a little while longer!