Wednesday, September 15, 2010

today marks our 3 year wedding anniversary.
that fateful, romantic, perfect day full of love
was exactly 3 years ago today.

and I have never been more in love.

we will be spending today with each other-
the sun, the ocean, the air & the luxury of having no where else to be but with each other.

xo Chelsea

**apologies for my severe lack of blogging these past couple of weeks. it is not for lack of information to share, let me tell you. it's because I have been traveling like crazy with lots & lots of other things filling up my day. I have a ton of updates coming your way just as soon as my regular scheduled programming is in full effect.

***three words----  one tree hill. last night, did you watch it? EPIC.


Joi said...

Can we switch lives for a quick minute? I would LOVE to be in Florida right now. Enjoy!

leah @maritalbless said...

AHHH! Happy belated anniversary to you two lovebirds!