Thursday, September 30, 2010

right now i'm thinking....

is it too early to start a Christmas list??

mad men makes me want to smoke.

i love braiding my hair.

i might dust off my old winsor pilates dvds.

i wish I had a fireplace so I could do this.

and so that I could read next to it.

i need to make these.

i want to repaint our living room... and it's getting really hard to stay away from grey (again).

that my kitchen needs this.

i want to two tone my hair.

pumpkin spice creamer is ah-mazing.

my go-to mini diana film printer is gone & I am scared to go anywhere else.

i am going to paint a wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint. done. decided.

i wish I could buy all of the new clothes for fall that I wanted.

i'm already itching to make more cupcakes.

i love fall nail polish colors.

there is no such thing as watching glee too many times.

leaves are changing & blowing & falling & it is so pretty.

that a job has to be turning up at some point right? right?

there is really, really, really, really, really good music in the world. sometimes i smile for no other reason that that.

enjoy thursday!
even though I keep thinking it is friday.
it is not.

peace- Chelsea


Hollie. said...

Dear Chelsea:

No. Forever21 wishlist, bitch.
Fireplace = amazement.
We're making Macaroons when I'm home.
+ getting Starbucks.
Chalkboard = Jimmy mural.
Nail polish swap in the henden.

Think we could get G to reenact The OK Go Vid?