Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hi folks!

I have an insane amount of news/happenings/informations/& overall random junk to update you on. however, I have been busy as a bee lately. in a good way though of course. we took a major roadtrip over a very long weekend that basically changed my life. it was that great. I promise to fill you in soon.

in the meantime... while I try to squeeze in blog time- check out arcade fire's amazing new interactive music video if you haven't done so already. it is the coolest music video there ever was. the definition of mind-blowing. I have watched mine three times already.

*here is a sneak peek of the most amazing concert I've ever been too. yes, I seriously took these photos... that's how close I was. I still don't believe it.

right??? unbelievable! I took over 1,000 photos on our roadtrip... so yea, that's what I'll be working on. but I hope you like the sneak peek. I even have some photos where they are actually looking at me. right at me. it's crazy.

I love my life.

xo Chelsea

**still to come- road trip photos, more concert photos, some pretty cool lists, a really awesome picture on everly's twitter,  all about fall fall fall, & some pretty cool stuff that I found on the internets. tata! oh yea, and more vacations.


Bubbly Thing said...

love love love the pics !
I don't know the band , should check it right now but these photos are full of spirit and the light is amazing .
Nice job !

Maria said...

Incredible!!! So jealous!