Monday, September 27, 2010

my weekend was the epitome of a fall weekend.

watching the office premiere with the gang thursday night. staying up late watching jersey shore & sipping on some tea. sharing an amazing friday with stacey involving pumpkin spice lattes, trips to the library, favorite lunches, & a little shopping. out for drinks & fun friday night with friends & family. sleeping in on saturday. a day filled with cooking & baking with stacey. & a night full of eating it all. followed by a Rock Band party. and a real band party... I was the singer since I play no real instruments (the Rock Band guitar however, I own). sleeping in on Sunday. waking up for football & several meals out of crockpots. happy joes pizza & hanging out with friends. family walks around the block taking in all of the pretty trees. visiting with family. and then milk & cookies & sweatpants & more football on sunday night.

it doesn't get any better than that. & it was the perfect weekend for us to enjoy at home... especially since I haven't had a weekend at home in over 3 weeks! and because the temperatures in the 60s suit my mood so perfectly.

(yes... while the boys were golfing, stacey & I made sweet potato gnocchi from scratch. with sauce from scratch.) but we didn't stop there....

part 2: we created our own savory apple, caramelized onion & gorgonzola bread course-

it was ah-mazing & stacey gets all the credit for that one as she literally made it up out of nothing. I do have directions though if you're interested. I call it fall in my mouth.

did you think we were done....

part 3: carrot cake cupcakes with maple/kahlua/cream cheese frosting: (we added the kahlua on our own merit)

after we re cooperated from licking the frosting bowl & spatula (the. best. frosting. ever.) we decorated the cupcakes with cinnamon & shaved carrots.

can you even handle it??
not only did we have a blast messing up the kitchen & loading the dishwasher several times.... my house smelled divine, G got several frosting licks that we dropped, we jammed out to the avett brothers, & we ate the best meal ever.

and the boys sure worked up a cupcake appetite while golfing... they wouldn't stop eating them!

as if the inside of the house wasn't fall enough for you.... the outside was there to mimic us perfectly.

Guinness is so happy in the fall. He loves it. We can't keep him inside!

And I hung up my favorite, favorite wreath that I leave up as long as possible-

and I got really stinking cute mini pumpkins for around the house. they make me happy.

this all makes me ridiculously happy.

this is what my weekend sounded like:

I sincerely hope that fall is treating you just as nice.

xo Chelsea
(via. all of my photos here.)


Natalie said...

drooling over those cupcakes!!!

leah @maritalbless said...

My mind - just exploded. For real. Amazingness.