Sunday, January 13, 2013

we haven't left our couch in days. wait, we haven't left our couch in days except to migrate to the bed for sleeping... all three of us.. and then back to the couch in the morning. i can't bare the thought of these past few days ending... of having to deal with the reality of it all. of not being able to cuddly my bully 24/7. of not being able to cry when the feeling comes. of not being able to be together forever.

the world keeps going. we have to go to work to keep the roof over our heads that allows us to have weekends like this. we have to see the vet to figure out what our next steps are for g's cancer. we have to keep going. we. have. to. i keep reminding myself of that.

but i'm grateful that we have had these days together, just to be together. and to take it all in. we have had our fair share of distractions... so many movies and takeout and internet organizing. basically, anything that can be done from said couch. we have bully-cuddled our way through looper, savages, the lucky one, american reunion, lost in translation, big miracle, happy feet two, away we go, something borrowed... i'm sure there will be more. the distractions are nice, but the aches are still there.

i've organized my pinterest, finally started my society 6 shop, and am thinking about tackling some etsy updates today... all with mister's head on my lap, my little supporter. such a good boy. i wish these distractions could last forever.
^^^this last one is literally him cuddling on my lap while i'm on the laptop^^^

and here is the storefront to my society 6 shop. most of these are older photos, but it has me inspired to start using my dslr a little more... iphone photos are great and probably 90% of what i take anymore... but i really have to work with my dslr, and the end result is always so great. anyway, here's a little peek of what you can find there:

i had a lot of fun with the iphone cases, below are some of my favorites:

i should also mention that if i didn't already take one hundred million photos of guinness daily... this has only gotten worse over the past few days. any silly little thing that he does.. photo. oh G! you look so cute like that, photo. oh look, G is waiting by the door to go outside, photo. i'm serious. sorry in advance.



Anonymous said...

Stay strong my wife. In love you sooo.

Joi said...

Thinking of your little family. xoxo

Mickelle said...

beautiful photos! And I am just so sad to hear about your little bully. I can't even imagine. Get in as many cuddles as possible!!