an open love letter to my husband.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

i love it when you hear my alarm in the mornings and squeeze me tighter.

i love it when you sing in the shower and that it is always a truly absurd song choice.

i love that you happily volunteer to drive to dairy queen to get me a cookie dough blizzard. in the dead of winter.

i love that you wait up for me.

i love that you notice when i'm wearing new shoes (well, most of the time i love this).

i love that you aren't afraid to hold my bag in public (even though i won't let you).

i love that you love guinness as much as i do.

i love how quickly you get things done around the house on sunday mornings before football starts.

i love that you appreciate things that are important to me.. like buying music on vinyl, paying extra for the hard cover and buying the movie theater cherry coke because it just tastes better.

i love how kind your heart is.

i love your texts like 'i love you extras today'.

i love that you leave the last breakfast muffin for me.

i love that you carry my leftovers.

i love that you calmly tell me when i am losing my temper (although usually i don't love this until much later).

i love it when you make up for things you forget, like the milk you were suppose to bring home.

i love your love notes that you leave for me in the condensation on the mirror.

i love how much you want to be dad.

i love it when you send me pictures of you during the work day.

i love it when you try to spare me pain, even when you know you can't.

i love when you give guinness his eye drops.

i love it that you love my hair best when it's in a ponytail.

i love it when you dance with me to this song in the kitchen:



FlipFlopsChels said...

Omg! Sounds you for sure have a keeper!! <3 it!

Erin said...

I love everything about this post and am totally going to copy you. There are so few of us that were blessed with great husbands. I want to shout it from the rooftops. Thank you for the inspiration!! And many blessings to the both of you! XOXO

jessee said...

crying in the library because this is the sweetest.

Anonymous said...

When I lose hope, i read this.

"when the right one comes along.."