weekend in collage.

Monday, September 19, 2011

crisp, cool air | cozy, knit throw blankets | my perfect new bag | LOVING the secret circle [thinking of reading the books] | lots & lots of tea | sunday morning cinnamon rolls | sweatpants | pumpkins & mums galore | discovered the best hair product of all time | scooped this guy up | pumpkin scented candles | perfected my homemade iced latte recipe | thick socks | broke out the chucks | salted caramel mocha lattes | celebrated four years of marriage | bulldog cuddles | texas roadhouse | went ombre | sent letters | laughed with my husband | caught a cold.....

the weekend was wonderful. unfortunately the cold is hanging around and making me miserable. pleeeeaaassseeeee go away soon.



Joi said...

I ♥ pumpkin scented anything and I also caught The Secret Circle. I think I like it! : )