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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm in need of some travel advice ya'll [words that I am oh so happy to be saying].  Any advice on must see's/must do's/etc in Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri??  Anything from coffee shops to thrift stores to restaurants to tourist attractions to lakes that are pretty.... I want to know them!

I really appreciate any tips!  And promise to share the adventures with you.




Keondra Farmer said...

What part of Tennessee and North Carolina will you be visiting?

Keondra said...

Please disregard that last comment. I can clearly see where you will be visiting. Nashville and Wilmington. Duh!!!

Chelsea said...

No worries Keondra. And Memphis too! We may be making other stops in NC too if you have any recommendations.

Keondra said...

In Wilmington, check out Wrightsville Beach, it's really nice, and down town is really cute. That's all I've got for you. Happy travels :)

Joi said...

Hey C! Have fun on your road trip! I forgot to get back to you sorry! In St. Louis I love:

-Cherokee Street for Antique Shopping
-Forest Park for picture taking, paddle boats, and pretty houses
-The Landing by the river for cobblestone streets, horse carriage rides, and fun bars/eaterys
-The Hill for fabulous Italian food
-The Zoo {it's FREE and one of the nation's best!}

Have fun!! : )

Natalie said...

if you want STL ideas, email me some details (when you're coming, how long you'll be here, etc.) and I can hook you up with some ideas!!! :)

go to Burger Up in Nashville!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Okay you must hit up the salvation army! Most people think of salvation army as really terrible but that's the secret...nobody goes there so there are tons of gems! So jealous of your trip. Have fun!
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