strike hard, young diamond.

Monday, September 5, 2011

+ we rocked daytrotter's barnstormer 5 [and even met madi diaz]. all sorts of epicness happening.
+ this included a lot of beer drinking.
+ i always know where i am headed with my compass necklace.
+ i'm addicted to pinterest.
+ i am recently involved with felicity and it's serious. thank you netflix for divulging my need of an incestuous group of college-going friends in the 90s in new york city.
+ it's hoodie weather. IT'S HOODIE WEATHER!
+ this means it is windows-open weather. oh, so happy.
+ we saw wildlife perform at the barn and i fell in love; been listening to their album ever since. [we met them too!]
+ a lot of journaling. my current moleskine is pink and it might be my favorite.
+ i'm reading the romantics. so good.
+ we are making this tomato tortellini soup for dinner. yum.
+ i've missed my chucks lately. i got them good and muddied up this weekend. welcome back.

the week after a long weekend is usually so awful. here's to hoping that this isn't that week.