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Thursday, September 8, 2011

several months ago with the help of my lovely stacey, we finally took the time to start up the book club that I have always wanted to. we compiled a very random, yet very significant list of books and got started. it never occurred to me to share our reads here, but i will from now on because we have had some pretty excellent reads so far!

to date we have read never let me go, water for elephants, the hunger games, catching fire and mockingjay.  we have a really great list yet to read as well including the little prince, harry potter, the perks of being a wallflower, and so on and so forth. a lot of favorites that have been suggested which i think is a great way to compile a pretty kick-ass reading list.

our latest pick is, of course, the help. i am bursting at the seams to start this one.

have you read this yet??  



kari said...

It's amazing! You'll love it!

Mrs.HVK said...

Wonderful book! You will love it and the movie too:)