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Monday, February 28, 2011

I can't believe that it is Sunday night as I am sitting here writing this. This weekend went by entirely too fast and I have a much-dreaded week ahead of me. I sort of want to cry right now. But I won't. I will blog instead. As I sit on the couch, watching the Oscars with husband and G snoring at our feet, I will remember how amazing life is and that I will get through the week, one way or another.

We had the most enjoyable of weekends. I started off Friday with a little pep in my step with my new haircut. (I can't believe I'm posting this, but after many requests, alas here it is- in the form of the only picture of myself this weekend... please ignore the pissed off face, zit on chin, and slightly raised eyebrow - I honestly don't know what I was doing). But I do like the haircut. Very refreshing for me.  On Friday after work husband and I met at Verizon and walked out as new customers, digging my new employee discount and iPhone users. Crazy, right? We've been having fun setting up our new phones, face timing our friends and having timed Angry Birds competitions. Stacey and Andrew came over for a little stay-at-home double date action. And, after helping me set up my phone, we indulged in some fast food and settled in to watch The Romantics. I've been ridiculously excited to see this film with it's overflowing cast of brilliance and entanglement of romantically linked friends. I think that my expectations may have been a bit too high, because it wasn't quite as good as I was expecting, but still really very good. I would like to watch it again already and check my expectations at the door.

Saturday husband and I spent running all over town. Checking errands off the list one by one. We stopped into American Eagle and I scored this little ditty. I love it. It feels vintagey and feminine. I wore it on Saturday night and to work today... shhhh.  After the errands were finished we headed to a friends house for some drinks and visiting with visitors from out of town (it was great to see you Clint & Brie). Sunday was spent sleeping in, shopping for headboards (no luck), and eating really good pizza. Just how I like them. We did finally pick bedding for our new bed though, so that's progress.

Oh, weekend. Please come back again soon.



Joi said...

You hair looks lovely!