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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pretty sure I am going to cut my hair. Let me back up...

Some days I love my long hair. When it's long and I take the time to curl it and it's flowy and glorious (this is not most days). But lately I just need a change. Most days I wash and blow-dry it (if that) and it's just sort of there. It's long and flat and sticks to my head. I'm just kind of over it. I may or may not battle with this decision for a couple weeks yet, but really I will just make an appointment and hope to be in the cutting mood when I go in. Eh, it's just hair. It will grow back anyway. Some of my inspiration.....

Keri Russell's is my favorite (shocker) but since hers is the one kind of hair that mine is not (read: curly) -sad face- mine will most likely end up looking like the others. I think I'm digging it.

So long frazzled, messy bun on the top of my head. I will miss you the most.



Jane's Next Door said...

GO for it! I cut my hair last year and haven't missed it ONCE! I was convinced I had to have long hair but once I cut it, I saw what my hair could be. And hey - you can always grow it back! :)

Joi said...

Keri looks stunning, and so will you! I'm in the opposite boat, I wish mine would grow faster and get to be long again! : )

Chelsea said...

Thanks ladies. I went for it tonight! So far I like it. Tomorrow will be the true test.. when I have to style it myself. Ha.

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