i wanna feel like i wanna feel forever...

Monday, February 14, 2011

My favorite Valentine's song. I hope you liked it. I'll be listening to the lovely Meiko all day... so charming. We usually don't go crazy for Valentine's and this year is no exception. I believe our conversation went a little something like this....

Husband: What should we do for Valentine's Day this year?
Me: Go to Subway.
Husband: No really, wanna do something special?
Me: No really, I love Subway.

Alas, I have been super anxious all day today anticipating my lovely turkey, provolone, spinach, cucumber, tons of red onion perfection on a bun. Other things that have made this Valentine's day particularly special... eating hershey kisses all day, pretty pink blouses everywhere (even though I forgot and am sporting army green), love notes from husband, super sweet text messages, and getting valentines in the mail.

And getting an extra amount of kisses from my Mr. G today.

happy valentine's day!