Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh, this weekend was perfect. Friday morning I woke up & cleaned the house spic & span. Then showered & took off to run some errands around town all day with Stacey. We were having so much fun Christmas shopping, picking up photos & picking out wrapping paper- but our afternoon got a whole heck of a lot better when it started SNOWING. The first snow of the year & it was magical. It was so nice to be outside, running around town enjoying it. It started to get dark and the roads started to get slick. We went to the grocery store and picked up all the makings for a delicious chicken & potato dinner. Oh, & some egg nog & whipped cream for good measure.

[Stacey snapped this of me once the snow was really
settling in with her snazzy new iphone 4. My dad was
calling to warm me about the roads. :)]

We made it back to the house just fine & whipped up a fantastic dinner (with the help of my little sister Kirby). Then we settled in for the 6th installment of our Harry Potter marathon with The Half-Blood Prince (my first time seeing it). It was really, really good. We finished the movie around 11:30... just in time to head out into the now full-on blizzard and snow-filled streets to go & pick up our copies of Eclipse at midnight! (We were VERY disappointed that our WalMart had only a movie-only edition on bluray with no special features- so we opted to rent the movie for the night via Redbox, so that we could watch it, & then purchased the decked out bluray from Target on Saturday). We then, you guessed it, braced the blizzard all the way back home, made some hot cocoa and watched Eclipse! Talk about a great day.

Saturday morning we slept in (or rather I tried to sleep in because I was suffering from a major headache). But after some breakfast from husband & lazily laying on the couch watching Post Grad with an ice pack on my head- I eventually felt better & we headed out for an afternoon of Christmas shopping. We stopped at the Redbox on the way home and cozied up on the couch with G to watch A Christmas Carol, Eat Pray Love and address Christmas cards. Breaking in the middle of Eat Pray Love to go & make some pasta of course. Then caught up on a stack of magazines & eventually fell asleep. It was a lovely Saturday evening.

*Saturday was suppose to be a much-overdue get together with my lovely college girlfriends, but due to the blizzard from the night before & the fact that several of them had to travel in from out of town, we had to reschedule. Sad, sad- I really miss you girls. But don't fret, we will see each other soon!

Sunday- husband was knee-deep in football and I accompanied Andrew & Stacey to lunch & a movie. Can you guess what movie?!? Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows of course! They had already seen it, but wanted to see it again with me. It was incredible! I truly loved it & already want to see it again.

After the movie I met husband & G-man at my parents house for dinner & some Christmas decorating. Caught up with family & then came home, crawled into bed & spent the evening with my kindle.

That my friends is the epitome of a good weekend. SIX movies. Dinners in. Dinners out. Evenings with friends. Evenings with husband. Evenings with family. Shopping. And the very first snow. Full of love & happiness.

PS. I got the J. Peterman catalog in the mail on Saturday. The awesomeness of this event cannot be expressed. (Yes, it really does exist).



Rachel said...

I LOVED Deathly Hallows and can't wait to see it again!