Monday, December 6, 2010

. I never realized how addicted to tumblr I was until it crashed (please come back).

02. I have two job interviews tomorrow (fingers crossed). And hopefully my head doesn't explode.
03. I finally have an appointment to get my hair cut & colored... oh what to do, what to do. Suggestions?
04. Tomorrow is the mid-season finale of One Tree Hill before their winter hiatus. Their promos have been driving me mad.
05. I'm addicted to this song, despite my normally awesome musical tendencies-

Don't judge. Maybe it's because they say G so much. This is what he did today:

This version is pretty awesome too (thanks Hollie).

06. St. Nick brought me a jacket & candy this morning. I think "St. Nick" wasn't paying attention during our no spending money Christmas chat! Do you think "St. Nick" will be mad if I return it? 

That is all.