Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday tune- Wait by Alexi Murdoch because I have been listening to him all day long. Every one of his songs is brilliant and life-affirming, but if I had to chose a favorite, this would be it. It's completely cheesy to say, but I don't care- this song has been my life for over the past year... this song has been us. Especially my sweet husband and I, but really every one in my life. It's perfect. Not even only the words, but the melody, the standstill in his voice.. all of it. I hope you enjoyed as much as I have.
Feel I'm on the verge of some great truth

Where I'm finally in my place

But I'm fumbling still for proof

And it's cluttering my space

Casting shadows on my face

And if I stumble

And if I stall

And if I slip now

And if I should fall

And if I can't be all that I could be

Will you, will you wait for me?