Tuesday, November 9, 2010

you already know of my love for wakey!wakey!
from posts like this & this.

but what you don't know is that I had the luck & good fortune to see them live over the weekend.
live. in person. in the front row.

it was a completely surreal experience. I still don't quite believe that it actually happened. 
we caught them on their DANCE SO GOOD tour with
Jenny Owen Youngs and they were unbelievable.

oh yea, & I MET GRUBBS!!!!
he is the coolest guy- he hung around & talked with us for like 5 minutes, signed autographs & took photos with us.
icing on the cake...

they're about halfway through their tour right now,
but if they come anywhere near you, I highly suggest you check them out.

thank you wakey!wakey! for being so gracious
& courteous of your fans.
oh, & for putting on a kick ass show!

you can't imagine what it's like jamming out with them...

(tons more of my photos on my flickr.)