Monday, November 29, 2010

I've been spending a lot of time over on tumblr lately. Sorry for that, but I love me some late night tumbling. And you can find quite the meaningful post from me- like this one about how I've been drinking milk a lot lately- if you sift through a lot of One Tree Hill photos. But let's be serious, you know you love those too. There is some beautiful things passing through my mind over there though & I don't see that stopping anytime soon.

I watched Oprah's favorite things part 2 recently & it was INSANE. So amazingly radical, yet insane! I was one part extremely happy for the audience members, one part amazed at Oprah's good taste, and one part insanely jealous of the goods. It was an awesome list.

I'm addicted to Amazon. I spent hours browsing yesterday off & on and made a killer wishlist. It was seriously so much fun. It's all on there... some new vinyl, tons of books & cute journals, It's A Wonderful Life, kate spade kindle covers (yeah), cookbooks, shampoo, eyelash curlers, platform pumps, tv seasons, even my favorite perfumes.  And I did buy some super new releases on bluray for $10 each for Christmas gifts. Yea, seriously. $10 for a brand spanking new bluray. That was pretty sweet.

I'm also in love with this locket. It might be the most beautiful locket of all time:

Everything else that I've been up to lately is coming at you in this nice, little, pretty list because my brain couldn't render any complete sentences today-

.was reminded of all that I have to be thankful for.
.made a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my mom.
.ate lots of turkey.
.visited with family.
.ate more turkey.
.had dinner with the gang.
.& our drawing for our Christmas exchange.
.several Harry Potter marathons w/ Stacey (& surprised myself that I actually liked them more than I thought I would).

.enjoyed my sister Hollie being back in town for 4 whole days.
.going out with the crazies on Black Friday with my mom & sisters.
.getting the cutest shoes in existence.
.I also scored a wireless printer & lots of Christmas gifts.
.got my candles for hosting a Gold Canyon party so my entire house smells divine.
.drank wine & sparkling grape juice.
.watched Home Alone late at night with husband.
.got our Christmas tree!
.& decorated the house.
.watched movies with my sisters & mom.
.napped by the fireplace.
.saw Love & Other Drugs in the theater with Stacey & Hollie (so good).

.stayed up late with my sister, sharing music & watching movies.
.had another Thanksgiving with friends.
.baked cookies.
.waited for the snow.

I've had such an amazing past few days. But today I've been super busy with a lot of not-so-fun-but-need-to-be-done things:

.drinking coffee (okay, this one is fun).
.prepping for my job interview tomorrow (haven't done this yet & not entirely sure how I will either).
.online Christmas shopping- (was really excited for Cyber Monday, but there have been no deals. At all!)
.scheduling vet appointments
.answering e-mails
.packaging etsy orders
.paying bills
.looking for recycled wrapping paper (suggestions?)
.figuring out new INSURANCE-- it's due by the end of the month (WHOOPS!)

I better run & get back to it. Happy Monday all.

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."
-Thornton Wilder