Monday, November 1, 2010

list twenty-four: confessions

01. I hardly ever answer my phone.
02. Or listen to voice mails.
03. But I will almost always text or email you back.
04. I always misspell definitely.
05. When I was a kid, I used to chew on the ends of my hair.
06. I wish I was the kind of person that went to a low-key restaurant on Friday nights for chit chat & wine with good friends & was home before midnight.
07. And up for farmer's market the next morning.
08. Instead I end up going out all night & getting drunk.
09. And sleep the next day away. 
10. I need to change this.
11. If I didn't need a day job financially, I wouldn't have one.
12. I would stay home & take photos & volunteer & have babies & make fancy dinners every night.
13. If only I could enjoy my current unemployment that much.
14. I'm obsessed with CoCo Wheats.
15. I left my nails long & painted them red for Halloween... and I am secretly loving it.
16. I read Naley fanfiction like it's going out of style... I'm currently 70-something chapters in.
17. And the fact that I can read it on my Kindle was the highlight of my week month.
18. I'm a craigslist stalker... in a good way; I check the furniture/antiques section three times daily.
19. This was the best part of Halloween.
20. I forward NFL's twitter updates to my husband more than I would like to admit.
21. I drink juice out of Bonne Maman jars.
22. Even after 10 years, I still yell at Brian every time he doesn't close the cupboard all of the way.
23. I will rearrange entire plans to ensure that Brian is home when I go grocery shopping.... just so that I don't have to lug everything in & put it all away myself.
24I could eat Chinese food everyday.
25. I pick up a pretty leaf I see, well, whenever I see one.
26. Even though I have no idea what to do with them & they are stacked up on my table.
27. I wish I could crochet and/or knit.
28. I keep trying to teach myself & failing miserably.
29. I'm completely clueless for Christmas shopping ideas this year.
30. One Tree Hill saves my life at times. Many times.

(twenty-four down; twenty-eight to go).


caitlin rae said...

I could help you with #27 which would take care of #28 which could be the answer to #29. :) lalu

Chelsea said...