Wednesday, November 17, 2010

list twenty-five: playlist names
Yes, I name my playlists. Bonus points if you can guess the meaningful ones.

01. Feel Good Inc.
02. One Winter.
03. Hold your lighter up.
04. Run fatass run.
05. 100 Songs to Save Your Life.
06. Chelsea Lastname, Unemployed.
07. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
08. Dear Chelsea, you listen to good music. xo
09. Gleek.
10. High School Nostalgia.
11. It's quiet & I want a hug.
12. Jimmy Jams.
13. Season Gr8.
14. Songs to write to.
15. There is only One Tree Hill.
16. Almost everything I wish I'd said the last time I saw you.
17. Different names for the same thing.
18. Afterparty at Jimmy's.
19. I and love and you.
20. Flying Machine.
21. Songs that John Steinbeck would probably like.
22. Rainy Day Women.
23. Our life is not a movie, or maybe.
24. Songs to love & die by.

(twenty-five down; twenty-seven to go; & I realize this project will inevitably run into next year).

xo Chelsea


caitlin rae said...

haha, Your blog makes my days

p.s. you'll get my guesses later