Tuesday, April 27, 2010

last night was amazing
& just what a needed after my crummy weekend.
do you know why??

one tree hill was back with a new episode
& rocking my socks off at that!

a lot is going on & we only have 3 episodes left
before season 7 comes to an end.
i am still praying & wishing that the CW
will grace us with a season 8.
but in the meantime i am enjoying the heck
out of the 3 new episodes coming my way in the next few weeks.
be sure to check them out!

and the icing on the cake
was last night's music video premiere
of wakey!wakey!'s "car crash".
{{starring the one & only james lafferty}}.
someone was definitely trying to make me happy last night.
check out the brilliant song from one of the best bands around
& of course my gorgeous boyfriend in the video too.

"You’re flat on your face in a field 50 feet from a burning Cadillac,
At least you were thrown clear, I’m still stuck in here…
Kick off my shoes I let the flames crawl up and burn right through me,
I'm silent as a movie, I always thought you knew me better…"