Monday, April 19, 2010

this weekend i felt like a teenager again.
with no responsibilities... just fun things filling up my time.

mini road trips with the husband. 
shopping at trader joes. & h&m. new road mixes.
pf changs. seeing rogue wave in concert.
getting some new clothes. sleeping in. 
buying new records on national record store day.
getting our tickets to see everly in august!
grilling & eating outside with our friends.
lots of bean bag matches. & dominoes.
bonfires. beer drinking. & tequila shots.
LOST marathons. walks for frozen yogurt.
& salmon pinwheels for dinner.

it was pretty much perfection.
sometimes being a teenager is good.



Anonymous said...

Phew, sounds like a blast! You must have weeklong weekends to have fit all that much fun in. ;o)

VanessasRunway said...

Oh see now that's the way to live! ;)