Monday, April 26, 2010

this weekend had its ups & downs.
& a lot of them.

ups: i got the kitchen painted; watched a ton of LOST with husband; saw my sister in her Beauty in the Beast play; chinese takeout; found an amazing piece of furniture at a consignment shop {possibly my favorite in my house}; lilacs have kindly taken over my backyard.

downs: my laptop hard drive crashed. i lost everything- all music, majority of my photos, all documents. {learn from my mistake & backup your drives. often!}; i broke one of my favorite frames; my back is killing me from painting said kitchen; had to play the strict mother rather than the cool sister a few too many times; & just about everything little imaginable thing went wrong.

But today is Monday and with it comes perspective. I am devastated to have lost my photos and my music, and everything just seemed to work against me the past few days... but I am letting go, and moving on. I will take new photos and I will find new music.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet
is fighting a hard battle."


ps. lots of updates coming your way.
just as soon as i get my laptop back. :(


Kristin said...

Oh Chelsea I'm so sorry about your computer! It happened to me once and I felt horrible.

There are these nifty little backup drives that are shaped like books (kinda) and fit neatly on your desk.;jsessionid=2723255697014B603EC0AEEC5BFC7389.bbolsp-app02-29?id=1218109897952&skuId=9467178

TB = terabite. You will NEVER be able to fill it up. TONS of space! I keep all my photos on there instead of my computer and I backup my music ther from iTunes.

Good luck! I hope you get your computer back soon!