Sunday, February 21, 2010

my list for the week &
my favorite things at the moment:

01. breakfast in bed.
02. my new living space; i.e. the "hen den".
03. this new nail polish.
04. sleeping in with G.
05. having enough time to read as much as i want.
06. one tree hill on dvd.
07. little moments that make me realize just how much my husband cares.
08. building forts.
09. & reading in them.
10. this headband that i can't wait to wear.
11. band t-shirts & holey jeans.
12. the smell of rain.
13. dates with my husband.
14. taper candles.
15. leftover chinese food.


ps- something that i am NOT loving is the cold
that has taken over my body. sad.


Chelsea said...

feel better!

Sara said...

Leftover birthday cake...YUMMM

CJ said...

is that the space you built yourself? if so, I am jealous. It looks like a lovely place to just be.

Chelsea said...

Thanks guys. Yes, that is certainly my own space. My friend Stacey & I built it in our "hen den" & we LOVE it. :)

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