Sunday, February 21, 2010

my list for the week &
my favorite things at the moment:

01. breakfast in bed.
02. my new living space; i.e. the "hen den".
03. this new nail polish.
04. sleeping in with G.
05. having enough time to read as much as i want.
06. one tree hill on dvd.
07. little moments that make me realize just how much my husband cares.
08. building forts.
09. & reading in them.
10. this headband that i can't wait to wear.
11. band t-shirts & holey jeans.
12. the smell of rain.
13. dates with my husband.
14. taper candles.
15. leftover chinese food.


ps- something that i am NOT loving is the cold
that has taken over my body. sad.


Sara said...

Leftover birthday cake...YUMMM

B said...

is that the space you built yourself? if so, I am jealous. It looks like a lovely place to just be.

Chelsea said...

Thanks guys. Yes, that is certainly my own space. My friend Stacey & I built it in our "hen den" & we LOVE it. :)