Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my 2010 happy list:

it's no secret that i had a crummy 2009.
i have vowed to enjoy the simple things in life this year.
the things that make me happy, no matter how small.
& here is my to-do list so far, which will hopefully be expanding as the year goes on.

01. go to at least two concerts.
02. spend an entire day at the beach.
03. take a spur of the moment road trip. with nowhere in mind. pull over & a cheap hotel & drink some cheap beer with good friends.
04. go camping in the middle of nowhere.
05. go snowboarding.
06. fly a kite.
07. start a book club.
08. play bingo.
09. grow tomatoes in my backyard.
10. write something {a story, a poem, a novel, anything}.
11. photograph a national monument.
12. bake a pie from scratch.
13. watch my baby sister graduate high school.
14. watch my wee baby sister play the spoon in her beauty & the best school play.
15. visit wilmington, nc or portland, or.
16. build a fort & sleep in it.
17. get a tattoo.

.... this list w i l l be growing.....

i also have to share that this is the first of many lists i will be sharing in 2010.
i am taking a queue from andrea & my favorite books
& making a list every week for the rest of the year.
i've always loved lists.
not only does it relax me & put my mind at ease,
but it's such an easy way to just put pen to paper.
i carry a moleskin in my bag at all times that is filled with lists for different things... songs to download, records to purchase, bills to pay, goals for life, everything & anything.

& fittingly so, i thought that my 2010 happy to-do list was a great list to start with.

is there anything that you are dying to do this year?
anything that you think i should add to my list?
i am determined to make this year a great one & remember the simple things that make me happy.

and GO.


{mt rainier}.


B said...

love this idea.

My thing this year is learning to surf. I tried it for the first time last year in Costa Rica but never actually got up on the board.

I also want a tattoo but don't have the guts to do it!

Kristin said...

Lovely list! I have a few things I want to accomplish, but I am working towards them right now (i.e. school to be a teacher)! And I fill my nights with reading young adult vampire and paranormal novels. Hehehe...

I wish you the best for 2010!!!

Amy said...

Im learning to sew this year, and also going to a few concerts!

a_girl_lifeplan said...

i agree with your list, is full of fun stuff...but i think maybe you should put...pregnancy?¿ LOL. maybe not, i don´t know, it´s just and idea.
i´m 24 too, from chile, not married, but my to do list for this year is just finish my studies.

greetings!!! love your blog.

Chelsea said...

CJ- surfing sounds amazing, sadly I don't really have the opportunity to try that around here.. but someday hopefully! And believe me, I don't have any guts, I have been talking about getting a tattoo for 5 years now & I'm just going to do it!

KC- Good luck with your school, that is awesome!!

Amy- who are you seeing? :)

a_girl_lifeplan- nice to "meet" you & thanks for reading! I love your suggestion for my list, haha. For a quite a while there husband & I were very serious about expanding our family, but ran into some problems. But where I'm at now, I kind of do believe that it happened for a reason (& I hate that saying) because I am pretty lost right now & it probably wouldn't be very responsible of me to go that route until I have my life together a bit more! But I can't wait for the year that is on my list again. :)