Friday, February 26, 2010

this week's list is a much requested one:
my birthday wish list.
yes, the universe thinks it will be funny {read: cruel}
to age me 25 years in a couple weeks- at a time in my life when i have never been so completely lost.
but, at least i will have some pretty 
new things to make it easier.
lo & behold my current wishlist:

{{pretty necklaces; love-o-meter necklace from Poto+Cabengo's etsy, angel wings necklace, & anything from thevamoose especially this one
mini diana camera.
black toms 9.
a booklight -yes, i'm a dork-.
kimchi blue mini studded pouch in sonnet grey.
silence&noise open front blazer in charcoal l.
dvds; east of eden -james dean version- 

glee season 1 on dvd.
vinyl: arcade fireone fast move or i'm gone; the replacements; the cure; nada surf; mgmt, spoon...}}

really not looking forward to turning a quarter of a century...
but luckily i have great friends&family
that i know will make it worthwhile.




Kristin said...

What a fun list of cute things! I hope you get what you want!!

And don't worry about age. It's just a number. I'm turning 26 in April! Time flies! :-)