Monday, February 8, 2010

have you heard of a little movie called
the runaways?

as a huge joan jett fan for as long as i can remember
- as well as an avid kristen stewart fan -
news of this movie has had me excited for months.

we were so l u c k y that we were able to attend
an exclusive showing of the movie
last week {months before it's theatrical release}
at the sundance theater in madison.

the movie is amazing.
actually, make that, amazing amazing amazing amazing x 100.
it was brilliant.
& i can see why it is the talk of the sundance film festival.

dakota fanning is stunning. but kristen stewart 
stole the show for me.
i don't want to give anything away, because i know most
have not yet seen it.
but if you get a chance to catch this movie in the theater next month... DO IT! you will not regret it.

& not only were we so lucky to attend the 
advanced screening of the film itself,
but the one & only cherie currie was there herself!
she watched the film with us & held a q&a afterward.
it was beyond incredible & i have a lot of respect for this woman.

put this movie on your list people!
it is officially a favorite of mine.


{the runaways}.