lately 'grams.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

1// diving in to small fry's mommy book club with deliberate motherhood.
2// couch snuggles with this sweet boy.
3// the beginnings of fall!
4// how great is his profile? just so much love for him.
5// things starting to really happen around here. this photo is from several weeks back, but the nursery is almost complete now!
6// with all of my loves at the farmer's market on a crisp, fall morning: G, baby bub, husband, sunflowers & a pumpkin spice latte.
7// indulging by myself before the rest of the house wakes up.. i think these mornings are now limited.
8// case of the mondays.
9// starting baby's book collection!

10// loving on our boy as he surpassed the 3 week mark that his doctors expected him to live without any treatments. so proud of him!
11// welcoming fall and the third trimester.
12// mr's favorite new place in the house (and mine as well).
13// enjoying a day at the park with my loves.
14// pumpkin time!
15// will never take for granted waking up next to these two loves of my life.
16// that face.
17// best welcome home.
18// receiving the sweetest invitation to my baby shower! i'm so excited, eeeeeep!

19// the lovely folks over at bump nest kindly sent me this pregnancy pillow several weeks back and let me tell you.. it is a god send. i was already a huge advocate for the snoogle, and i have to say that this pillow is even better. although my pregnancy insomnia still lingers, i can't imagine how much worse it would be without this guy. (this is not sponsored... i just legitimately love this pillow and company).
20// this face, again.
21// we bought a little christmas gift for baby... how could we resist this book?
22// late night drive to satisfy a root beer float craving.
23// riding essentials as we headed to madison for another round of G's chemo. loving ina may's book.
24// sending my baby sister off to homecoming.
25// nesting in the nursery for our little boy/girl. 8 short weeks until we meet them!
26// received the sweetest package in the mail from gulush threads; how sweet is this embroidery hoop?
27// so happy it's friday, but too tired to do anything fun.

28// friday night lights and watching my sister cheer.
29// adventures at the pumpkin patch!
30// what is better than this? sharing a moment with my two babies.
31// front porch mums and bulldog statues. goodness, i love fall.
32// lighting a candle for our sweet rosie on pregnancy and infant loss awareness day.
33// very tired evening after a long work day and not moving from this spot.
34// my husband is getting really good at the camera isn't he? we will cherish this photo.
35// hanging some artwork & photos in the nursery.. love seeing our visions come to life.
36// i admit, i was worried about baby's due date being so close to christmas at first, but now i honestly can't imagine anything better than a christmas baby. what a magical time in the world.

and one more very special update...

while this boy keeps me company as i relax in the tub (my bff), i can't get over how proud i am of him. he is blowing us all away by happily gliding through this clinical trial with flying colors. even the doctors are amazed at how well he is doing. he is again in full remission and is scheduled to complete his final chemotherapy treatment in november. we are absolutely in awe of how strong and happy and full of life he is. there is not enough thanks in the world for all of the love that is sent to him continually. we swear that the love medicine works just as well as the doctor's medicine. at this point we are becoming very hopeful that he may still be with us in december to meet his little brother or sister!!

as we are about to embark on november, reflecting on this year brings so much joy and sadness. what a year it has been for our little family. i can't help but wonder how the next two months will unfold.