hii third trimester.

Friday, October 4, 2013

holy moly! i can't believe we are here. almost 29 weeks along and well into the 3rd trimester. my lack of updates recently can be directly linked to my lack of sleep, but i am finally starting to get a handle on it. pesky late pregnancy symptoms started hitting me all at once making sleeping at night virtually impossible for a good while.

baby bub updates:
how far along: 28 weeks + 4 days.

baby is the size of: small cabbage (17 inches & 3 pounds).

movement: last night we spent a good half hour just watching my belly move. it's crazy & miraculous.

miss anything: sleep.

cravings: root beer.

symptoms: sciatica pain, insomnia, general aches & pains, numb tingly arms/fingers, stretching pains, swollen ankles & feet, heartburn, general largeness. i think waddling is in the near future.

showing: growing every day.

wedding rings on or off: on, but need to come off.

best moment this week: a really great prenatal appointment today & passing my gestational diabetes test!!! not only did i pass the test, but baby is measuring perfectly, my doctor was extremely pleased with my weight gain, my hemoglobin is good, heartbeat was good, blood pressure was good. everything was great!

looking forward to: nesting in the nursery this weekend and pre-registering for the hospital! W O W

another huge milestone for us was passing the 27 weeks + 2 days mark which is when my nephew, Kellan, was born prematurely. even though Kellan is now a happy and healthy almost two-year-old (!!), it feels good to pass this milestone and inch one step closer to full-term.



Unknown said...

Sciatica and not sleeping good= the worst. I'm looking forward to sleeping again...one day.

Katy LaRoo said...

I pop in to your blog from time to time. I'm the one who commented about 18 months ago who also had a preemie. Just wanted to say I cant believe your nephew is already 2! So glad to hear he's doing well. :) My preemie will be 3 in one month, time flies! Congratulations on your pregnancy and happy to hear it's been going so well.