31 weeks.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

this pregnancy has already been the most rewarding thing that i have ever done. and tiring. i truly love every moment of pregnancy.. even when it's hard. and third trimester is definitely starting to test me. but every kick from the inside constantly reminds me of the precious little human that i am bringing into the world. and nothing is better than that feeling.

baby bub updates:
how far along: 31 weeks + 3 days.

baby is the size of: pineapple (4 pounds).

movement: the patterns are interesting. i feel baby all throughout the day sporadically, but without question i always feel lots of movement between 4 and 6 am. it's such a wonderful feeling when i'm laying in bed, getting ready to start my day. dozing back to sleep for an hour or two and feeling the baby twirl inside me.

miss anything: still sleep. i don't think i know what rem sleep is anymore. and sushi a lot this week.

cravings: still the milk. can't get over how strange this is for me. and lots of sweets.. chocolate cake, sugar cookes. oh and pretzel bites from the place in the mall with cheddar cheese dip. ohmygosh

symptoms: insomnia, general aches & pains, numb tingly arms/fingers, carpal tunnel, backaches, swollen ankles & feet, heartburn. also  nausea has come back really bad the past week and a half. like, first trimester bad. i was not expecting this at all, but the doctor assures me it is very normal at this stage. that is something i could do without as it has not been too fun on top of everything else. also, bleeding gums. i forgot to mention that i have had this common symptom the entire pregnancy.

showing: i swear i am growing out of some of my maternity shirts.

wedding rings on or off: on, but need to come off.

best moment this week: baby's hiccups are still one of the best moments this week because they are becoming so regular! sometimes twice a day. also decorating the nursery. we have a bunch of photos and artwork on the walls now and it feels so homey in there. quickly becoming my favorite place in our house.

looking forward to: our birthing class this weekend!



Unknown said...

Is it Family Stone where they have a picture of the mom pregnant with one of the kids and they all get it as a gift? Anyway, the photo above is BEAUTIFUL and your child will cherish it.