26 weeks aka sleep deprivation.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

In the past two weeks baby has.. grown. And grown and grown. Now entering my 27th week of pregnancy (with only one more week until 3rd trimester!), baby now weighs over 2 pounds and I am feeling it. At some point during these past two weeks my belly has suddenly exploded to make room for bub. Bending over, getting out of bed.. all feel like monumental tasks to me now. It's hard to imagine another 3 months of growing!! But even though I'm starting to feel like a house and sleeping at night is basically nonexistent, I have never been happier or more grateful for this little growing babe of ours.

^^baby bub was kicking up a storm.. enjoying the cool fall afternoon & PSL no doubt^

^perfect cup holder, i would say!^^

Our weekend was filled with crazy work hours, manual labor and a lot of sleepless nights, but it was also filled with the first fall-like temperatures of the year and walks in the park with lattes to celebrate it. Autumn always brings such a sense of comfort with it for me. Burning pumpkin candles all day long and baking pumpkin cheesecakes have also been highlights of the weekend.

The nursery is now completely painted, the closet is (almost) fully renovated and we even installed new quarter round in the entire room for a nice, finishing touch. I'm so anxious because our next steps will be filling it up with all things baby!

This weekend was extra special for us because today is our 6th wedding anniversary. Which seems like a long time and also not even a little bit. Sometimes our wedding day seems like it was ages ago, but sometimes Brian gives me butterflies like it was just yesterday. Our lives are changing so much, that I can't help but think about what our next anniversary will be like. Today we are thankful to celebrate our anniversary with bulldog cuddles from G, kicks from baby bub and takeout chinese food. Lalu sweet husband of mine, forever and ever and ever.

baby bub updates:
how far along: 26 weeks.

baby is the size of: head of lettuce (2 pounds).

movement: all the time.. it never stops being incredible.

miss anything: sleep. seriously, sleep.

cravings: still orange juice and now apple juice too. i could just drink juice all day (minus the heartburn of course).

symptoms: sciatica pain, insomnia, general aches & pains, numb tingly arms/fingers, stretching pains, swollen ankles & feet, heartburn, general largeness. it's starting to catch up with me.

showing: see above.

wedding rings on or off: on, but need to come off.

best moment this week: finishing all of the not-as-fun work in the nursery, because now we can start decorating.

looking forward to: decorating the nursery!

On Saturday I woke up with some not-so-comfortable cramping that made me a little uneasy. It can be very normal in pregnancy, though I hadn't experienced it thus far, but it can also be a sign of preterm labor or other issues. I drank probably a gallon of water and rested for most of the morning, which left me feeling better. But by night time, the cramping had come back, which was quite worrisome. I, again, downed so much water that it made me uncomfortable and decided to try a warm bath. Since I am the worlds biggest worrier, I had avoided baths entirely up until this point in my pregnancy because they can raise your body temperature too much which can be harmful to baby and I like my baths hot. But the warm bath almost immediately soothed my cramping and made me feel so much better in general. I was so relieved and hoped that the relief wasn't temporary. Brian was worried too so he sat next to the tub and lightly splashed water on my protuding belly. We started talking about how this is just the beginning; the beginning of the endless worrying that we will now carry forever. Not to say that other things in life are not worrisome enough, trust me, they are. But this feels so different. We haven't even met our baby yet and already it feels like a part of myself and my heart that will be subjected to all of the terrible things that can happen in our world, with only us to protect them. You can worry about things going wrong in pregnancy and during birth. Then once they are here it shifts to SIDS (which I am already terrified of) or who will take care of your child while you go back to work. And the teenage years? C'mon. It's a lot, isn't it? How do you parents do it? I have thankfully found a calm within myself for most of the pregnancy and have been able to tame my anxiety-ridden ways, but this is certainly something that I will need to continue to focus on as a mother. This conversation with Brian was just so eye-opening. Everything is changing for us and we could not be more thrilled, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't scary too. As unbelievably excited as I am to meet this little one, I am glad that baby should stay nice and cozy in this growing belly of mine for the next three months so that mom & dad can prepare not only a nursery and childproofed home, but ourselves!



Anonymous said...

Love you sooo much bub! Happy anniversary again, i couldnt be happier with us and our lives �� give kisses to baby and G.

Brooke said...

Pregnancy looks great on you!! Super cute! Hope you have the best FALL:)