Friday, March 8, 2013

yesterday was a great day. 

brian, G and I took off for madison early in the morning for G’s weekly chemo treatment (his 8thround). we dropped him off, which is always so hard, but brian was determined for us to have a good day together. the sun was shining and he took me to one of my favorite places on earth… the supertarget on midvale. the one with the escalators and the huge starbucks inside overlooking a beautiful part of the city. yes, that one. we spent hours, looking at anything and everything... eventually having to narrow down the wide variety of choices that made their way into our cart. checking out with picture frames, candles, books, shoes & bags… all things that make me a very, very happy girl. did I mention this was whilst sipping a hazelnut macchiato? yes. it's no longer a secret, he knows the way to my soul. 
then we ventured off for lunch and happened upon the brasserie v, in one of my favorite neighborhoods of madison, monroe street. we ordered a pear cider beer to share, because this place is known for their wide beer selection, and took in their amazing menu. we shared some frites and brian enjoyed a (really good) burger and I tasted my first ever crocque madame (something I have wanted to try ever since watching meryl streep whip them up for steve martin in it’s complicated ). let me tell you… it did not let me down. i would even go so far to say one of my top favorite meals of my life. yes, that good. smothered with melted swiss and a egg, you guys. oh.

we hung in the restaurant for a bit, enjoying our beverages and letting all of the glorious food settle and then we meandered across the street to a comic book store of all things (we’ve never read comics), but we needed change for the meter and ended up involved in a very pleasant conversation with the owner about the walking dead . then we popped into the trader joes next door for some fresh tulips and butter waffle cookies. perfect.

we headed back to the U to pick up our boy and were happily informed that he is now in FULL REMISSION. this is such great news that we have hoping and praying for. this means that the chemotherapy is working and we will hopefully have the longest amount of time left with our boy as possible. we still need to finish up his chemotherapy, which will continue until may, but we just could not be more thrilled and more proud of our boy. he is so loved at the U and they care about him so much. it makes everything much easier for us.

we tucked our boy into the back seat and headed for home… making a list of all of our favorite meals during the drive, prompted by our excellent lunch.

what a great day.

today is a bit harder, but I knew that it would be. today would have been our first prenatal appointment. I really should get a new calendar…. having already crossed out all prenatal appointments that were made from now until may, but I know that the dates are ingrained into my memory anyway.

brian gave me this sweet, sweet, tiny rose necklace today.

and we will continue push forward.
some days will always hurt more than others.


[necklace from etsy shop nestprettythings by tamar]


Anonymous said...

I really think that little angel of yours in heaven has a lot to do with G's news. Even in our darkest of hours God finds a way to shine a little light.

Ashley said...

I admire your courage, Chelsea, and your posts are always so uplifting. I'm happy to hear of your little guy's remission! Such wonderful news.