obviously i am way behind on music...

Monday, July 11, 2011

so i am here to settle the score, somewhat.

first up, another foster the people jam. the last minute & a half will change your life. 

i am dying to see them live. dyyyyyiiinnnngggg.

not sure what it is about this next one by the broken social scene, but it just moves me. the lyrics are perfect, and lovely, and sweet. yet so devastatingly sad and heartbreaking. i'm constantly singing...

"all the time we get by trying to figure out our lives...    like a fade out."

(ps. this video is disgusting, but it's the official band vid so i had to keep it. i recommend just listening to it without the video anyway).

i honestly don't even have words for this last one. it is just so..... swoon-worthy.

"slow your breath down just take it slow, find your smile now..."

music is life to me. it sounds so cliche, but I don't care. if i had to go one day without listening to a single song, i couldn't do it. it gets me through everything. i love these songs so deeply that it pains me to think about the people that will check out my blog post and bail when they're all videos. seriously it pains me to think that there are some people that will never hear these songs and will never feel the things i feel when i hear them. is that stupid? probably. but it's true.

take care ya'll. tuesday is among us.

chelsea xo