back to my roots.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Leave it to none other than the wonderfully talented Joy to bring me back to my blogging roots.  For so long now, work and life have taken over my priorities, but her posts, and her weekend in collage posts in particular, remind me of how important blogging used to be to me. Still is to me. Weekend collages used to be my specialty, and so here we are:
I could have posted my husbands face all over this weekends too, but I didn't want to go all mushy on you. Today we are having a wonderfully, perfect lazy day.... slept in until 10:30, made french toast, watched a lot of Friday Night Lights, folded a lot of laundry, cuddled with one special bully dog, had serious talks about our future on the couch and visits from family. Now off to watch some more good tv (Big Brother, True Blood, Entourage) and eat dinner.

Hope your weekends were just as refreshing!