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Thursday, July 14, 2011

coincidentally i had been meaning to write a post on friday night lights....   even before this morning when they received several emmy nods in only the best of categories. i couldn't be more proud. if you aren't watching this show... what have you been doing with your life for last 5 years? it is one of, if not the best, written show on television. even more so, it has most well-written characters. i can't even tell you... you have to see for yourself. honestly.

anyway, i was jumping for joy this morning when i realized that this little miracle of a show was finally getting the credit that it deserves. it just makes my heart melt.

first of all.... is it wrong to aspire for your marriage to be like a ficticious one on a television show?? no? okay....

these two are a m a z i n g.  not only do they have the most not-perfect perfect marriage (you know what i mean) but seriously if every person on the planet were like eric & tammy can you imagine the rad world we would be living in? ugh, i just love them so, so much.  coach taylor literally makes my world better.  he really does.

and of course my favorite couple..... matt and julie.

really what more do i have to say?  they are adorable and every other adjective for the word.

honestly, i could go on and on about every single cast member to ever be on this show, because that is how well-written every character is... you feel what they feel.  it is a truly incredible experience unlike any other show i have ever seen.

and so... the bottom line?  please watch this show.  i have seen every episode.... except for the series finale which airs tomorrow night.  so i'll just be crying for the rest of my life.

xo Chelsea

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Michelle said...

I also adore this show and every character on it. I am SO sad it's ending. I can't understand why it wasn't a huge hit and I so wish it was going to continue. I will miss it. Bye bye, FNL. :(