Tuesday, July 27, 2010

we had a wonderful & very relaxing weekend.
the first one in a very, long time.
it was so nice.

some of the highlights included-
sleeping in; going to the drive in movie theater (possibly my favorite thing); which included Eclipse & Inception*; reading through old love notes between husband & I; a romantic dinner of fondue & wine by the river; & then the obligatory hand-in-hand stroll along the river; convertible rides; grocery shopping; drinks & drum playing with the neighb's; Super Mario Wii in bed; walks for ice cream; true blood; lots of cooking; breakfast in bed; & plenty family cuddles on the couch.

such a very, very nice weekend. but as you may have heard, Iowa was literally flooded with rain over the past week.
creating chaos all around.
we thought we had it bad having to clean up all the water & damage in our basement (yes, it really, really sucked).
but on Saturday our plans to attend a certain concert
were cancelled because the venue was entirely underwater.
it was very, very sad- but even more scary for the residents that were being evacuated from their flooding homes.
(but c'mon it was JOAN JETT!!! and Styx! very sad).
but in the end I was happy to have so much down time.

*Now, as for a little movie you may have heard of...

 Wow. It was, in a word, mind-blowing. Our group was huddled in the pouring rain at the drive-in finishing the movie & we honestly couldn't be bothered by the wetness because we were so engrossed in the film. I really, really enjoyed it. But it definitely was one of those sit-on-it-for-a-couple-of-days-constantly-thinking-about-it kind of movies. And let's just be honest.......

 my undying love for a certain Mr. Levitt might have something to do with this.... yes, it definitely does.

but no really, the movie was epic.
I already want to see it again.

did you see it yet?? thoughts??

xo Chelsea


Rachel said...

See my previous blog post, I LOVED Inception!!! Mr. Levitt is ridiculously hot and my undying love is for Leo, so this movie is definitely one of my favorite movies ever. What did you think of the ending scene?? SO good!

Krissa said...

totally agree JGL was fabulous!!!! I loved that movie.. i saw it friday and went again saturday.. its seriously one of the best movies i have seen! Im with rachel...what did you think of the ending scene???

Chelsea said...

So glad that you ladies liked it! SPOILER WARNING:: I really liked the ending. I tend to like the endings that you can kind of take with a grain of salt because then the movie can end how YOU want it to end, you know? My husband is the complete opposite, but this ending did bother him too much- he still liked it. Obviously with his totem spinning, and starting to wobble a bit, they are making the viewers question whether he is with his children in reality of if its a dream. I personally think it is reality, but can see how some people wouldn't. But since I took it as reality- I loved it. I wouldn't have been happy if wasn't with the kids in the end. :) Such a mind-blowing film!