Wednesday, July 7, 2010

list sixteen: my biggest fears

01. spiders [for obvious reasons].
02. losing my baby, G.
03. getting a job that I hate [or can't do].
04. airbag deployment [there has to be a name for this somewhere... sometimes when driving I seriously freak out because I am sure my airbags are going to go off for no reason].
05. tight spaces [stemming from a routine tornado drill in the 2nd grade in which I was shoved into a basement bathroom with 20 other children... I freaked out].
06. heights [sometimes even 2nd story malls scare me].
07. sleeping alone [which results in me sleeping in 20 minute increments because I am certain someone is in my bedroom & I wake up to check].
08. hospitals.
09. anyone I love dying.
10. sharks [something I was never afraid of before.... until a late night dip with friends resulted in a very close shark sighting... never again].
11. getting sick [I am always convinced that I am have brain tumors and blood clots... I believe they call that a hypochondriac].
12. not being able to have children.
13. forgetting to blow out candles.

Lucky for me- for each fear, there is always my husband telling me I am crazy. So believe it or not I do actually venture out into the real world, fears in tow. There is just usually someone killing the spiders in my path.

{sixteen down; thirty-six to go}.

xo Chelsea


Chelsea said...

i'm afraid of the airbag thing, too! eek!

Bri said...

My air bag deployed during an accident and cut up my forearms. I still have a scar. I worry if I beep my horn too hard, the airbag will deploy and cut up my arms again!